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Max Bujold Electronic Press Kit



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Approved Artist Bio For Immediate Release

Max Bujold is a 27 year old East Coast Canadian singer/songwriter; originally from Fall River, Nova Scotia, & recently returned to his family roots in Restigouche County, New Brunswick. Max offers captivating lyrics and melodies, rich raspy vocals, and a fierce passion to perform original music. Often compared to singers like Tom Petty, Matt Mays, and Chris Stapleton, Max draws upon his rock, country and blues roots to write powerful songs from a place of honesty, integrity, and hope. He tells revealing yet motivating stories about the trials and tribulations one faces in the pursuit of their dream. Max brings his dreams to life on stage with a guitar in hand, and with his roof rattling rock band; Max Bujold & The Milestones. Together, they create a powerful force to be reckoned with. 

Max Bujold & The Milestones are a relentless new rock band from northern New Brunswick who are blazing onto the East Coast Music scene, performing shows across New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. With the support of organizations such as Music New Brunswick, The Government of New Brunswick, Tourism New Brunswick, Events East Group, as well as his recording, production, and media marketing teams, Max Bujold & The Milestones kicked off 2023 with a bang performed at the 2023 IIHF World Juniors Hockey Championship’s #ExploreNB Fan Fest in Halifax on January 5th.


  On January 27th Max Bujold & The Milestones released “Love Renegade”, the first single of their debut EP "The Gamble" coming out later in 2023. Love Renegade has received excellent reviews and has been featured in the top 10 of the CIOE Radio East Coast Top 30. 

Their most recent single "Ever Coming Back" is available on all platforms as of May 26th. This country-rock banger tells a true story of how Max Bujold turned heartbreak and betrayal into motivation and inspiration to chase his dream. It's music video tells the story behind the song and formation of the band.



"LOVE RENEGADE" is about going off the beaten path in the pursuit of doing what you love. 

At times there may seem to be no light in sight, but there is always light inside. Love Renegade marks an epic milestone in this songwriter's life and rapidly gaining music career.

This song represents the relentless passion that fuels Max Bujold's songwriting & showcases the caliber of music which Max Bujold & The Milestones are ready to deliver. 



Ever Coming Back tells a true relatable story about how Max Bujold turned heartbreak and betrayal into motivation and inspiration to pursue his dream.


This song demonstrates Bujold's rock and country roots with its uplifting guitar tones, raspy rockin' vocals, and powerful punches. With its catchy melodies and easy to remember lyrics Ever Coming Back is sure to be a hit on radio stations across the country. 


Max Bujold & The Milestones are actively touring the East Coast of Canada and preparing the release of their debut EP "The Gamble" this Fall, 2023. The Ever Coming Back music video wil be available on YouTube June 9th, 2023.


"Heart Thief"

Max Bujold & The Milestones

~ Live at Casino NB ~

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